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Classes are Friday 7.30pm to 8.30pm

A new type of fitness programme!

The next generation of circuit training is here!


Ninja Fit is a different exercise programme, designed around the required abilities of ancient ninja who had to perform almost superhuman feats of endurance, agility and dynamic ability. With these goals in mind the programme focuses not on weights and cardio, or some boxing exercise style of conditioning. Instead participants are taken through bodyweight exercises, weapons use, agility and balance exercises to produce a more athletic build.


The training will push the participant to develop core strength, agility, flexibility and co-ordination. By use of High Intensity Interval Training and body-weight exercises, we develop a confidence in the participants’ abilities to overcome obstacles both physical and mental.


We emphasise a powerful agile body capable of high levels of endurance and ability.


Contact Steve to book your place today!


Tel: 07583 777471


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