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Sons of Hatsumi

Updated: Oct 2

This was originally a fun image / idea I came up with after watching a particular TV show. Initially it was just a play on the original show title, but the more I thought about it the deeper the meaning gets.

The phrase ‘Sons of Hatsumi’ was taken as a parody of the TV show, and it can be seen as just that. However, when you consider the meaning of the Japanese term ‘Soke’ its interesting to see it often translated as ‘Head of Family’. Paul Masse recently did a YouTube video on ‘The largest ninja organisation’ and (spoiler alert) it’s the Bujinkan organisation.

Under Hatsumi sensei guidance the Bujinkan has grown to a worldwide organisation of thousands of practitioners.

Now, I know ‘Sons’ seems biased, but its really a) a parody on the TV series, and b) a term to imply a familial relationship. So I’d like to think it can apply to any member of the organisation no matter how they see themselves. Certainly no offence is intended.

Now, what else could be derived from this expression?

Well as Head of Family there is an implied parental role where we are shown the correct form (kata) correct movement (ma-ai) and given personal support, instruction and direction (kuden). It is then, as with any familial relationship, the head of the family allows the student to make personal decisions to display they have absorbed the lessons and gained good insight.

This implied relationship seems to hold up when you look at how the onus is on the student to have developed good taijutsu, a flexible attitude and a sense of honour and integrity. Values that any head of a family would want their family to have.

Hopefully the organisation (family) will endure and persevere as years pass by, and be an organisation with a sense of duty and pride in Soke Hatsumi vision.

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