Adult Classes 15 years and older

Thursdays 7.30pm to 9.00pm

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Learn the art of the ninja, developing skills in all ranges of unarmed defence and traditional weapons


The first session is free to try a lesson and see what we are teaching. Once a student joins they get a black gi (martial arts suit) a syllabus and indoor tabi. Each lesson is slightly different as we cover a wide range of techniques. The syllabus covers striking, kicking, break-away techniques, rolling, breakfalls, throws, use of traditional Japanese weapons and defence against weapons.


Lessons run all year round - location is on the contact page. There is a break over the Christmas / new year period. Students are graded in combination of formal and informal ways and are expected to show a development in both flow and adaptability as they grade.




First lesson: Free

Annual membership: £20


£25 training fee monthly by standing order


One off lesson fee: £5.00