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Black Belts at the Dojo

The following black belts are currently training at the dojo.

They are there to support and help during the training sessions.

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Stephen Fox

Stephen is a 4th Dan who has trained with the dojo for many years, and has trained abroad in Singapore and with different instructors in the Bujinkan. He also has trained in other martial arts styles.

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Tony Tildesley

Tony has trained at the dojo since 2006. He is currently a 4th Dan in the Bujinkan. He is one of the dan grades that also instructs the class.

Ian Hageman.jpg

Ian Hageman

Ian trained at the dojo from 2005. He is currently 2nd Dan in the Bujinkan. After a break he has made a welcome return to the dojo.


Paul Stacey

Paul has trained at the dojo since 2012 and is currently a 2nd Dan in the Bujinkan.


Benn Heatley

Benn has trained at the dojo since 2010 and is currently a 2nd Dan in the Bujinkan.


Jed Griffiths

Jed started training at the dojo in 2022 after some time off for a shoulder injury. He was awarded his shodan in 2014 by Nagato sensei. 


Krzysztof Michalak

Krys began train at the dojo in 2014 and achieved Shodan in 2023.

Previous Black Belts
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Oli Nichols

Oli has trained at the dojo since 2007 and is currently a 3rd Dan in the Bujinkan. He has moved away, but we hope to see him back at the dojo in the future.


Leah Szczodrowski

Leah trained at the dojo, initially in children's classes and then in the adults class until she achieved 1st Dan in 2016. Since then she has moved away but does visit on occasion.

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Graeme Healy

Graeme joined the dojo after training in other clubs, and after training with us for a few years he was awarded his 1st Dan in Japan by Nagato sensei in 2014. Since then he has had work and life overtake him, so had to pause his training. We hope to see him back at some time in the future.

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